Runway glasses to add to your collection

Runway glasses to add to your collection

Every premium optical brand is now focusing on elegant, classic designs and quality materials keeping in mind eyewear style trends for 2020. Eyeglasses are now making a refined yet bold statement. Although a small accessory, they tend to have a huge impact on the overall outlook. The correct pair of glasses can boost your mood, change your style, and even your face. Here is a list of some of the trendy eyewear options for 2020.

* Rectangular Eyewear Frame

This narrow and rectangular eye frame was widely loved by the red carpet regulars and supermodels in the ‘90s and it is now back with a bang. A wearable silhouette but sleek, this understatedly plain sailing shape pairs well with everything, starting from backyard tanning sessions to essential runs. Get them in pastel colours if you want to go for a retro look.

* Cat Power
Want to attain the looks of the Hadid sisters? Then you have to buy this retro-classic pair right away. This summer has brought the cat-eyes with a funkier spin. The best thing about this eyewear is that you have the option to choose from multiple designs such as the classic tortoise, the exaggerated wing-shaped frames, or even take some risk with the statement-making prints to channel the good old Hollywood glamour. Apply VogaCloset coupon codes while shopping from premium brands to get maximum discounts.

* Go Fully Transparent
Translucent lenses with transparent frames have become the new hot take in the world of sunglasses this season. Whether you are preparing for your summer, spring, or winter wardrobe, this tinted lensed style will not only add a bubbly pop of colour but it will also be effectively mood-boosting. Create a colour block with your monochrome outfit by using VogaCloset coupon codes to save more while shopping for your favourite glasses.

* Oversized Shades
2020 could not get any better with the return of all shapes of oversized frames. Be it square, rectangle, or round, you can buy any shape of oversized retro-grade shades to take your every day on a higher level. The ‘70s inspired shades have been modernized by the designers in multiple ways such as adding fresh colour palettes and bringing back the retro shapes and styles like gradient acetates, matte, and tinted lenses.

* Flat Tops
Aviators have come back this season with a futuristic design that has been refined for the overall look of this shape. A flat-top aviator or a flat top oversized frame would give that ultimate sporty vibe which you can take as your everyday look or for a weekend sports day. Some of them also come with delicate details on the top part of the metal frame to add that extra touch of chic.

* Rimless Eyewear
If you are someone who truly believes that less is more, then you should go for rimless eyewear, especially the tinted ones. The translucent coloured lenses not only add a touch of sass to your outfit but will also make you look like a runway model. They have the potential to turn any ordinary outfit into a statement look.

Wrapping Up
2020 has brought a mix of a wide range of style trends that were prevalent throughout the decades. You have the option to choose from decade trends, runway trends, and hyper trends. So make some room for your new specs in your wardrobe because this season will surely take you to a shopping spree.